Mentor Application

We are delighted that you are interested in joining COMMIT programme as a mentor.

Mentoring can be an extraordinary experience and a deep responsibility. We ask that our mentors are committed individuals who will respect the process and use the trainings they receive to enter into partnership with their mentee.

Mentoring is an intentional mutual relationship with a foundation of respect. Mentors are asked to walk with mentees as they navigate their new life. Mentorship can create deep relationships that may last a life time.

Programme Requirements

I understand that the mentorship lasts for 12 months and requires time and commitment in order for both mentor and mentee to create a functional relationship.

If my application is successful, I agree to Dedicate at least one meeting every week with the mentee. The number of hours will be defined during the planning phase.

If my application is successful, I agree to participate in the training session which will cover the following modules:

1. The reception project: the services provided and the active local network. How to include the mentor figure in support of it and its staff (2 hours)
2. The mentor: the role, the relationship with the mentee, building the refugees inclusion (6 hours)
3. Intercultural tools: in-depth study of the countries of origin, suggestions to work on the deconstruction of the stereotype and the overcoming of prejudice (4 hours)

If my application is successful, I agree that I will submit feedback forms when requested and keep in regular contact with the Programme Staff. The frequency of contact will be defined during the planning phase.

I understand that the Mentoring Programme welcomes a diverse range of participants. I agree to treat all mentees and mentors in the programme’s community with respect, regardless of their race, religion, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, ethnicity, national origin, etc. And I undertake to guarantee the confidentiality of information regarding refugees and to respect their privacy.

Personal informations

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Please respond to the information requested below:

How did you hear about this Mentoring Programme?
Why do you want to be a mentor?
How do you feel you can contribute positively to the life a of newcomer in your country?
How would you describe a positive mentoring relationship?
How would you recognize a non-functioning or negative mentoring relationship?
What do you hope to share with your mentee?
What do you hope to learn or gain through a mentoring relationship?
What do you know about the Resettlement National System?
Do you have an active role in your community? (e.g. parish, voluntary association, union etc)
In your community, what are the ways in which you could facilitate the integration of a newcomer? Please include examples
Please tell us about your areas of expertise:
Please list what positions you have held and/or your level of education (this can include also voluntary or non-paid position).Please describe what you consider to be your greatest strengths that can be used to enhance your experience has a mentor.
What are your interests or hobbies outside of work?
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
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